giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Ruben C. Cordova [061]

Houston Tx USA

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  1. My book is an "accordion"-folded book, based on the structure of pre-Columbian codices. The cover image features a costumed dancer in Mexico City who is reenacting an Aztec dance in front of the Cathedral. It is part of a project of mine called "Day of the Dead as Cultural Mestizaje" (mixing). It addresses the clash of cultures that has resulted in what is now known as Day of the Dead. I have utilized dripping blood in the title to represent the importance of blood in the rituals of both the Spanish and the Aztecs, and also to symbolize the violence of the Conquest. The other images are a stone zompantli (skull rack) in the Templo Mayor museum in Mexico City, a view of the miraculous black Christ (Our Lord of the Poison) in the Cathedral, and a girl with half of her face painted white (symbolizing the skull) to represent duality, the relationship between life and death.
    Ruben C. Cordova